Parenting Rules With Wiggle Room

Janis Meredith of USA Football suggests that some parenting rules can have some wiggle room.  Parents can sometimes let down their guard in certain areas and at intermittent times.  These malleable rules could be:

  • Don’t push your kids – a gentle push in the right direction can be helpful at times
  • Kids need rest – an occasional late night especially over the summer just opens the door for a family adventure
  • Stay away from junk food – if the family follows a healthy regimen, a sweet treat once in a while won’t derail your healthy lifestyle
  • Don’t let your kids become couch potatoes – everyone needs some downtime as long as it’s not habitual
  • Don’t let your kids see you sweat – check in the mirror – you are human, it’s okay for your kids to see you upset and most importantly to see how you work things out
  • Don’t talk to the coach – when it comes to safety or moral issues, it’s okay for you to stand by your child

There are some rules that shouldn’t be crossed – your family can discuss those together.  Read and find out more:  6 rules of parenting that sometimes can be broken


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