Transitioning from Injured List to Active Roster

Every parent’s worst nightmare is seeing or hearing that their child has been injured at a sporting event.  After dealing with the actual injury trauma and treatment, and rehabilitation; then comes the return back to the sport, if your child is so inclined.  This return to sports is a transition for your child, you as parents, the coach, as well as, the team.

Ker’Shyra Myrick of Sportingkid.Live has a great question and answer interview with Dr. Kristen Dieffenbach, associate professor of athletic coaching education at West Virginia University and an executive board member for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.  Dr. Dieffenbach shares important insights and suggestions on how to make this transition period work best for all involved.

One of her suggestions is that it is vital for the athlete to understand how and why their injury occurred.  Dr. Dieffenbach shares, “This will help the athlete take a deep breath and focus on what they can control, like improving their balance or learning how to fall or take a tumble safely rather than stress about things beyond their control like a rainy field. Focusing on developing quality skills that they are good at can help reduce injuries and re-injury.”

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