Breath Control is Important for All of Us

Although, this breath control exercise was written for actors and singers – we can all benefit from learning how to get the most of out of our breaths.  It’s the holiday season, there are a lot of exciting events to plan and participate in but there can be some stress factors that you are dealing with as well.  Taking deep breaths and getting more oxygen to your brain can calm your nerves, and help you to alleviate your stress.  Theater Folk shares this simple breathing control exercise:

1.  Stand with your feet flat on the floor and keep your shoulders back and relaxed. Imagine a string coming out of the top of your head that keeps you standing straight and tall.
2.  Place your hands on your stomach. Practice taking a breath from your diaphragm. Imagine your lungs and diaphragm filling up with air like a balloon. Feel your stomach expand and contract as you inhale and exhale. Make sure not to hunch up your shoulders around your ears or gasp. Keep your inhale controlled!
3.  Breathe in for a count of four, and then exhale though your teeth with a “ssssss” sound for a count of four. When you come to four, stop the exhale crisply. You’ll probably have lots of air left, but the exercise is going to become more challenging!
4.  Breathe in for a count of four, and repeat the exhale for a count of eight. Repeat the exercise exhaling for longer counts (ten, twelve, fourteen). The more you practice this exercise, the longer you will be able to hold the sound.

The goal is to incorporate good breathing techniques into your daily living practices, whether or not you are a singer or an actor.

For more details and even a PDF Practice log, check out:  A Simple Breath Control Exercise for Actors & Singers

Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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