Use Household Items to Improve Your Golfing

Can Household Items Improve Your Golf Life?

Is it possible to “do it yourself” (DIY), save some money and improve your golfing life?  Practical Golf shares 5 inexpensive easy to use tricks of the trade to try out:

  1. Save yourself the cost of buying a golf push cart cover and use an IKEA 19 gallon tarp bag that you may have hanging around the house or buy one online for $2. Check your dimensions for fit.
  2. Recycle driveway markers and use them as alignment rods which are ridiculously expensive to buy.  Use a sharpie to mark your rods.
  3. Use a draw string personal bag for items that you need that are floating around the bottom of the bag.  Repurpose “single socks” in your bag for storing items or use as club headcovers.
  4. Check out spray foot powder or dry erase markers as replacements for impact tape, which may not be expensive but may require you to carry different tapes for different clubs.
  5. Use your golf umbrella for rain and shine.  Protection from the hot sun has both comfort and health benefits.

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Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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