You Can Work on Developing Your Confidence and Efficacy

Coach Morgan Sullivan shares that “self-confidence and self-efficacy are commonly thought to be interchangeable, the main difference is that self-confidence is an overarching view of one’s own aptitude while self-efficacy is situationally dependent. Many sport psychologists consider self-confidence to be a personality trait; one that can, and does, adjust over time.”

Several sports psychologist suggest these ways of developing self-confidence:

  • drawing strength from past successes
  • consistently employing positive self-talk
  • remaining positive
  • studying and modeling behaviors of higher performing athletes

Self-confidence grows slowly, gradually over time, and evolves into your child’s personality, while self-efficacy is determined more by a child’s skill level at a particular task and can change rather quickly as they refine their skill level.  For example, as a child becomes adept at balancing on a board in a pool; he recognizes his efficacy in standing on a board in the pool, however, he may not be as confident enough to start surfing on the ocean.

Whether you are a coach or a parent, helping your children develop their self-confidence and recognizing their efficacy is important, not just in the sports arena but also for their personal growth.

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