Did you see Tiler Peck on Ellen?

If you are interested in dance, then you would probably know of Tiler Peck, 28 year old principal dancer with the New York City Ballet (NYCB) from Bakersfield, CA. Tiler’s dance training began at age 2 in her mother’s ballet studio. At 7, Tyler embarked on her formal classical ballet training with private lessons from Alla Khaniashvili, a former Bolshoi Ballet dancer.

When Tyler was 11, she studied with former New York City Ballet dancers Colleen and Patricia Neary and Yvonne Mousey, former NYCB principal. At 12, Tiler started at the School of American Ballet, the official school of New York City Ballet.

She started as an apprentice with NYCB in 2004, and by December 2006, she was promoted to soloist. In October 2009, it was announced that Ms. Tiler Peck would be principal dancer. Tiler is a versatile dancer and has dabbled in musical theater and acting. On television, she was a guest performer on “Dancing With the Stars.”


Need a Boost to Start Training?

It’s never too late to start training – summer camp is just days away.  CoachUp Nation has simple tips to get you motivated to create your training workout plan:

  • Know and share your objective – embracing your reason for exercise motivates you and sharing it offers family and friends a chance to support and cheer you on
  • Set realistic goals and be patient for results
  • Spend time creating a plan and/or hire a personal coach to get you started
  • Always remember to reward yourself

For more details:  Motivation: 4 Tips on How to Start Training