A Moment in the Life of Future Stars Campers

This summer, we are featuring “Camper Moments” every Wednesday from our different camps and locations.  Let us know what camps you are interested in learning more about at: purchase@fscamps.com


Meet Nellie! She is a recent diver and is really thriving at Future Stars’ diving camp.   Nellie is 11 years old and going into 6th grade. She is actually from Florida, but is staying in Westchester for the week just to come to our Diving camp! Discover more about this talented young lady!


Meg:  Hi Nellie! How are you today?

Nellie: “I’m good”

Meg:  So, how has camp been for you so far?

Nellie:  “It’s been great.  I was just working on trying to get my reverse flip before lunch.”

Meg:  Wow, awesome! So, how long have you been diving before this week?

Nellie:  “I have actually never dove on a team before.  There is just a diving board where I usually swim at home and I would always try out new tricks there, so I decided to come to camp here!”

Meg:   Wow, well what have you learned so far, since this is your first time practicing diving with a coach.

Nellie:  “I have learned how to do a one and a half on one meter and three meter.  I am also working on my gainers. I also do inwards now.”


Meg:  Woah, so you have really learned a lot!  Do you think that you will keep diving since you are on such an improvement streak?

Nellie:  “Yeah, my mom is looking into places for me to practice in Florida!”

Meg:   Yay! That’s great to hear.  So is there anything that you specifically want to work on when you are here this week?

Nellie:  “I really want to be able to do a 2 and a half.  Either on the one meter or three meter.”

Meg:  That’s super impressive.  Anything else?

Nellie:  “I also want to work on my twisters.  And also doing more advanced inwards.”

Meg:  I bet you will be able to get to those dives by the end of this week at this rate.  So, what else do you like to do in your spare time?


Nellie:  “I like to swim and surf.  I also used to do gymnastics.”

Meg:  Oh cool, do you surf in Florida?

Nellie:  “Yeah, a bunch.”

Meg:  Well, I am so glad I got to meet you and thanks so much for talking to me! Hope to see you next summer!

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Flying Trapeze Basics

Flying trapeze acts are often one of the most memorable moments of visiting a circus and the acts are often breathtaking and awesome.  Circus arts are becoming quite popular and if you are interested in learning more about flying trapeze, here are a few flying trapeze basic terms that Get Circus Strong shares:

  • Swinging
  • Swinging in catcher’s hands
  • Back end tricks – like a split, straddle, whip or hocks off
  • Turn around swing
  • Half-turn
  • Smooth Catch – timing and position are keys to a solid smooth catch
  • Remounting the platform
  • Roundtrip – “The flyer takes off from the platform, swings out and back and then performs a trick  and is caught by the catcher. The flyer swings out with the catcher and as they swing back, they work together and then press off each other so that the flyer can sail up out of the catcher’s hands, turn and then catch the bar to return again to the platform.”

For more information:  Flying Trapeze Basics: catch point and landings

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A Moment in the Life of Future Stars Campers

This summer, we are featuring “Camper Moments” every Wednesday from our different camps and locations.  Let us know what camps you are interested in learning more about at: purchase@fscamps.com


Meet Xavier!   He is in Circus Arts camp and VERY excited to be interviewed.  Xavier is a very enthusiastic camper and has improved in a variety of skills over the course of the two years that he has been at Future Stars.  Xavier is 8 years old, and will be turning 9 in November.  He is going into 4th grade.  Discover more about this great fella. 


Meg:  Hi Xavier! So what made you decide to join Circus Arts camp?

Xavier:  “Well, we heard about Future Stars Camps from our cousins, and then my Mom showed me the application, and I just chose Circus Arts camp myself.”


Meg:  And, who is we?

Xavier:  “My sister and I attend Future Stars.  My sister joins Softball and S.T.E.A.M. camps.”

Meg:  How long have you guys been coming to Future Stars Camps?

Xavier:  “This is my 2nd year, and my sister’s 3rd year.  My cousins have been coming for about 5 years.  They usually participate in Softball and Volleyball camps.”

Meg:  So when your Mom showed you the application, what made you decide to choose circus?

Xavier:  “Well, I have always been a class clown, so I thought that it would be a good fit.  And then, I went for a week and just wanted to keep going!”


Meg:  Have you tried any other camps here?

Xavier:  “Yeah, I also do Soccer camp.  Circus is here for 4 weeks so I do Circus camp for 4 weeks and soccer the other weeks.”

Meg:  Do you like one over the other?

Xavier:  “I like both camps a lot because circus and soccer are my favorite things to do.”

Meg:  So could you maybe tell me a little bit about what you’ve been learning at circus?

Xavier:  “Yeah, so I really like the uncicycle, so I have been working on group work with some of my friends, especially Sophia.  We have even been working on juggling to each other while on the unicycle.”


Meg:  I notice that you ride your unicycle in the mornings, is that yours?

Xavier:  “Yeah, my Dad was so proud of how much I have improved, so he surprised me with my own unicycle about 2 weeks ago.”

Meg:  That’s awesome! So when you’re at home do you practice?

Xavier:  “Yeah, now that I have my own I practice up and down my street.”

Meg:  What else do you enjoy working on at circus camp?

Xavier:  “I like the silks, I have been adding onto my “pullover” this week, and my friend and I made an improv move for the show on the silks.  I also like trapeze and clowning because I like acting and being funny.”

Meg:  Do you act at your school?

Xavier:  “Yeah, I was in the school play this year and was an Oompa Loompa in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Meg:  Do you like juggling?

Xavier:  “Yeah, but it can be hard. I am working on clubs this week.”


Meg:  So, what else do you like to do in your free time?

Xavier:  “I like to play soccer.  I play during the year and I play with my friends for fun, too.  I also like to bike with my cousins, but I haven’t been as much since I got my unicycle.”

Meg:  That’s great.  Well, I am so glad that you have been enjoying camp so much Xavier! I hope that you have a great rest of your summer.  I will see you around either at Circus Arts or Soccer camp.


Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps


Circus Arts, You?

Jane Culbert of Wolf Brown shares some interesting insights of the burgeoning Circus Arts field.  In recent years, Circus arts training has become more popular and in the main stream.  Possibly, the end of the circus era with the closing of Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey and the overwhelming popularity of Cirque du Soleil are contributing factors to this ever growing interest.  Circus training programs are also mushrooming all over the country, “providing people of all ages and capacities the opportunity to enjoy the challenges and rewards of circus training at the amateur level”.  Circus arts has also been seen as a medium to further social good and social justice and in this form is known as social circus.

Circus Arts is not quite the same as it was in the past, it has evolved into many forms meeting cultural, social and technological changes of the times.  In 2017, at the annual Smithsonian Folklife festival in Washington, D.C., many circus organizations were featured.  The National Endownment of the Arts (NEA) also met with dozens of circus organzations and conversed about “the state of the field, marking another step along the path to broader recognition of circus as an art form”.

After the meeting, Michael Orlove, Director of Artist Communities and Presenting & Multidisciplinary Works, wrote an article that included an uplifting statement for the circus field, “It is our job, collectively, to see that this unique art form receives the requisite attention and unconditional support it so deserves.”

For more information:  Circus Arts on the Rise!

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Tracking Drill for Lax Goalies

Devon Wills played for Dartmouth College lacrosse and she became a four-time all-Ivy League goalie. She also lead Dartmouth to their first and only NCAA final as a captain in 2006. Devon signed a contract with the New York Lizards of Major League Lacrosse from 2007 to 2013, she was the first female player to sign with them.  The Long Island Sound, one of four charter franchises in the United Women’s Lacrosse League chose Devon for their first ever-draft pick in 2016.

Check out a tracking drill with Devon WIlls to improve goalie reaction time from US Lacrosse.

Chat with Oliver

A Moment in the Life of Future Stars Campers

This summer, we are featuring “Camper Moments” every Wednesday from our different camps and locations.  Let us know what camps you are interested in learning more about at: purchase@fscamps.com


Meet OIiver! He is 9 years old and is an old pro at Future Stars now.  He has been at camp for almost the whole summer and has gotten to know many campers and staff along the way.  Oliver is currently in Lacrosse camp and here is what he had to share about his summer experience, so far, as he enjoys lunch with Meg Griffin.


Meg:  How are you doing today?  How are you liking Lacrosse camp?

Oliver:  “Good. I like Lacrosse camp because lacrosse is my favorite sport.”

Meg:  Do you mind telling me what other camps you’ve done here at Future Stars?

Oliver:  “I have been at Chess and Soccer camps, and  I am now doing lacrosse.”

Meg:  Has there been a favorite camp this summer?

Oliver:  “No, I like them all the same.”

Meg:  Oliver, what is your favorite part of camp?

Oliver:  “I just like playing sports all day, especially lacrosse”

FS.Moments.Oliver.Aug.1.2018.3.Canva   FS.Moments.Oliver.Aug.1.2018.4.Canva

Meg:  Who is your favorite counselor?

Oliver:  “Chip.  He’s really funny.”

Meg:  Are you enrolled in any other camps this summer?

Oliver:  “Yeah, I am also doing basketball this summer.”

Meg:  So, since this is your first year, are you thinking of coming back next year?

Oliver:  “Yeah!”

Meg:  Would you want to do any other camps?

Oliver:  “No I’d probably want to stick to these 4 again.”

Meg:  You have some good lunch there! What is your favorite food?

Oliver:  “Probably sushi”


Meg:  Oo. I love sushi too! What’s your favorite type of roll?

Oliver:  “Probably a salmon avocado roll.”

Meg:  This guy’s got good taste.  So, do you play sports during the school year?

Oliver:  “Yeah, I play lacrosse.”

Meg:  What do you like to do when you get home?

OMeg:  liver:  “I play with my sister or my parents.  Sometimes I play games with my Dad.”

Meg:  How old is your sister?

Oliver:  “She’s 5, shes going to start Rising Stars.

Awesome! Well, thanks for talking with me Oliver.  I know I’ll see you around soon.


Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps


Timing is Important for Swimmers

Effortless Swimming shares feedback video that reveals the importance of timing your breathing when free style swimming. Are you breathing late? Are you using your hip properly? Are you using your head positioning to increase your momentum?

The timing of your breathing can really affect the quality of your stroke. Remember when the “hand enters you should start to turn to your head and when you want to turn your head back around is when you start to pull through or start to catch on that arm that had entered out in front.”

Focus on keeping your head centered and getting the right amount of air intake. Know that the power position is when your eyes and head are down.


A Moment in the Life of Future Stars Campers

This summer, we are featuring “Camper Moments” every Wednesday from our different camps and locations.  Let us know what camps you are interested in learning more about at: purchase@fscamps.com


Meet Meriel and Claress!  Meriel is 14 and Claress is 13.  They have been best friends since they met at swim camp last year.  Both girls started swim camp at the same time last year and have made sure that they are by each other’s side since.  Meriel and Claress chat with Meg Griffin.  Meg shares, ” I have to say that they are the sweetest of girls. They just had so much love for each other and the other kids in swim camp, and they expressed how much they value the experiences that they are having and sharing together!”


Meg:  Hi! How is your day going?

Claress: Great!

Meg:  So, how long are you guys here at swim camp?

MerielI am here for three weeks, so next week is my last week.

Claress:  I am here for the rest of the summer! We try to plan to make sure we are here for the same weeks.  So, I’m glad we got to be together for the weeks that Meriel is here!


Meg:  Awesome! So you guys became friends when you got here last year?

Meriel: Yeah, I remember looking around on my first day and going up to Claress and introducing myself.  I was so glad I found her.

Claress: Yeah, I was too.  And from there we formed a “squad,”  that includes Emily, Christoph, Nate, and Ian.  We even have a group chat and everything.


Meg:  That’s so great that you all got close.

MerielYeah, we just have formed this really cool comraderie among our lane over the past two years.  During the Friday meets, we always get a little competitive towards each other but we all know its just a joke and it helps to push each other.  Even during daily practice, we motivate each other to keep going and try our best.  All year, I just can’t wait to get back to be with my friends at swimming camp.

Claress: Yeah I agree, we really push each other to work harder when we’re at camp together. I remember my time for my 25 freestyle was 6 whole seconds longer last summer than it is now.  I think that a lot of that is because of Kate (the swim director) and also that extra push from my supportive friends.

Meriel: Yeah totally.  And we don’t judge each other.  If we don’t get great times, we still just cheer each other on.  Everyone is really good-natured.

Interview with Meriel and Claress  Interview with Meriel and Claress

Meg:  Wow you guys seem so sweet and supportive of your friends.  I’ve gotta come to this meet on Friday!  So do you guys plan on swimming in high school?  Or do you swim outside of school?

Meriel: Yeah, I swim for a team during the year.

Claress:  Same

MerielBut I am also going to try out for my high school team this upcoming year.

Meg:  So, how do you think swimming camp compares to the swimming you do during the year?

Meriel I definitely think that there is much more individualized attention at camp.  The coaches will help me work on what I need specifically, as opposed to just doing drills for a certain amount of hours.

Claress Camp really pushes me to do my best.  We really focus on stroke technique and like Meriel said, it is more individualized attention which is really helpful.

Meg:  I’m glad that you guys are really seeing yourselves as improving, while also having fun!  So, what else are you guys up to when you’re not swimming?

ClaressI like to do Taekwando, I have my black belt.

Meriel: Woah really?  I don’t want to mess with you Claress, haha.  Swimming is my main thing, but I also do a lot of model UN.  I know it seems nerdy, but I love it.

Meg:  That’s so great.  You two are such great girls!  Thanks so much for talking to me, I hope I see you around camp!


Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps


A Moment in the Life of Future Stars’ Campers

This summer, we are featuring “Camper Moments” every Wednesday from our different camps and locations.  Let us know what camps you are interested in learning more about at: purchase@fscamps.com


Meet Kristin! She is 8 years old and enrolled in our Horseback Riding Camp.  She has been riding for about 3 years and has been attending Future Stars Camps for 2 years.  Kristin shares her experiences with Meg Griffin.


Hi Kristin! So how are you liking camp?

Kristin:  “I love camp. I am in the first horseback riding group this year!”

And what does that mean Kristen?

Kristin:  “It means that I ride at a pretty advanced level. I can canto (meaning a fast gallop). I was in the second group last year, so I have gotten a little better.”

What is your favorite part of the day?

Kristen:  “The morning! When I am riding.”


What else do you do at camp besides riding?

Kristin:  “We learn about how to groom and bathe the horses. Today we helped give one of the horses a medicated bath for his skin.”

Who is your favorite horse at Stratford Stables (where they ride)?

Kristin:  “Either Peaches or Pluto. Peaches is a pony and Pluto is a horse. It used to be Patrick last year.”

Who is your best friend at camp?

Kristin:  “Piper”

Who is your favorite counselor?

Kristin:  “Hannah”

FS.Moments.Kristen.July18.20181.3.Canva   FS.Moments.Kristen.July18.20181.4.Canva

What else do you like to do besides riding?

Kristin:  “During the year I play tennis, softball, basketball, and I swim. I also like to read.”

Have you read any books recently?

Kristin:  “Yes, I read ‘Black Beauty’ recently, it’s about a horse.”

Do you ride horses during the year?

Kristin:  “Not really, but after camp in the summer I go to iceland to see my family and ride horses?”

Woah! Where do you ride the horses?

Kristin:  “At a stable, but sometimes we take them to the beach”

Do you speak icelandic?

Kristin:  “Yes!”

Very cool.

Do you have any goals for camp?

Kristin:“Yes, I would want to maybe be able to jump.”

Awesome! Well thanks so much for talking to me Kristin!


Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

Looks Like Magic But It’s Brain Science?

“Greg Gage is on a mission to make brain science accessible to all. In this fun, kind of creepy demo, the neuroscientist and TED Senior Fellow uses a simple, inexpensive DIY kit to take away the free will of an audience member. It’s not a parlor trick; it actually works. You have to see it to believe it.”