Cheerleaders, Stay on Top of Your Game

One of the key suggestions to staying in your best form is giving your fundamental drills time in your workout.  Fundamentals are the foundation on which more complicated skills bounce off of.  Often, when your complex maneuvers are not executing as well as they should be, it is probably because a foundational skill needs some attention.

Often at practice, we love to start working on the more elaborate drills as they are challenging and difficult.  Here a just a couple of ways suggested by Cheerdaily.com to incorporate fun into basic skills practice:

    Turn on your favorite 8 count mix and do sets of motions, kicks, v-ups, T-jumps, and jumps. Build up to triple jumps and jump variations. It only takes 2 1/2 minutes so this is a quick and easy way to get that jump workout in at the beginning of every practice.
    Turn on some music and add “Skill Lines” to your tumbling warm up. Before you get into the heavy duty stuff, start with some basics. Do 5 variations of handstands down a strip of floor. Then do 5 variations of cartwheels, 5 variations of round offs, 5 tumbling drills/skills, 5 backward tumbling skills.

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