Coding and Writing Skills Work Well Together

Coding is the wave to ride now and into the future.  Parents, you do know that coding is a skill that your children should be learning sooner than later.  When coding includes digital storytelling, your children tickle their imagination, ignite their writing skills and have fun improving skills that will serve them well.

What role does coding play in imaginative writing:

  • Writers use words and sentences.  In addition, a coder has access to pictures, music, and animation.  To top it off, programming can even make their story react to audience input.
  • Script writing for story-based games requires the important skills of being exacting with details and consequence in characters’ actions.
  • Coding removes the “blank page” syndrome as, “The program starts at the child’s point of interest and evolves to a final product through a process of experimentation and iteration.”
  • Coding teaches children to be concise.  In the beginning, moving a character across a screen can take as much as five lines of code.  Practice and creativity teaches them to manipulate coding tools to express ideas efficiently and directly.
  • Planning and organizing thoughts are integral to coding, as are both skills necessary to write a comprehensive essay.

For details:  How Coding Can Improve Your Child’s Writing Abilities

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