College Fit Can Be as Important as a Scholarship

Trends seems to show that an increasing number of  college sports recruits are a large share of college transfer statistics.  Applying for colleges is a taxing time, choosing the right school that will meet your financial needs and provide both a great academic, athletic experience all adds to the stress.  JVA Blog shares 5 things to consider when applying for athletic scholarships:

  1. Have a concrete list of what you are looking for and what you don’t want in your college experience
  2. Start your college search early, so that you have time to thoroughly research the programs at the schools
  3. Always present yourself as someone who adds something to the team
  4. Meet all the NCAA eligibility requirements
  5. Make sure you have enough highlight moments to make a video.  Grasp as many  opportunities to visit and build relationships with the coach and team. Find creative ways to finance your trips.

All the prep work that you do will pay off when you are at the college with the right fit that gives you the best academic and athletic experience with the least amount of financial hardship.  Do your homework and start early.

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