Consistency is the Base of Excellence in Cheerleading

Cheer Magazine shared an article that considers consistency the foundation for the success of all cheerleading routines.

“Consistency is what leads to a routine “hit”. A cheerleader that has been consistent at practice can enjoy their performance without internal worries. If there’s been inconsistency at practice it’s natural to have a fear that the skill might fall during competition.”

Consistency helps enhance:

  • Accountability
  • Accurate Measurement
  • Reputation and Relevancy

Solid cheerleading skills are based on consistent training and maintaining a routine lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise.  Confidence is the end result for an athlete who has been consistent in training their body and mind with the support of team mates and a good coach.

“The more we practice consistency and the more confident we feel about our ability to be consistent when we take the floor, the better the result. Routines may be predictable but cheerleading never is.  So as long as the human element exists in this exciting performance sport, fans will continue to hold their breath for the two and a half minutes and only exhale after every skill hits.”

Read for details:  The Power of Consistency

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