Field Hockey Players, Avoid These Mistakes

Hockey Performance Academy shares some common mistakes that field hockey players make before they even start to play.  How can you make mistakes before you even start to play?  Quite simply, some of the things that hold you back are not your athletic skills but your state of mind.  Get to know them so you can work on avoiding them:

  • Not working on confidence levels – take control and work on your confidence, don’t allow events, people, etc. to dictate how you should feel.
  • Bringing life’s stressors onto the field – once you suit up, leave everything else behind and concentrate on the game.
  • Focusing on others and not yourself and your role – don’t overthink things and concentrate on yourself and your role in the game.
  • Don’t let worrying about the outcome override your concentration on your abilities, moves and skills to be the best player that you can be.
  • Don’t allow what others are thinking and saying to affect your confidence and play.
  • Never let the fear of failure overwhelm you.
  • Stop expecting to be perfect.

Being a good player requires both a healthy mental attitude and practiced and developed playing skills.


For full article:  7 Mistakes Field Hockey Players Make Before They Even Start Playing

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Image Credit: Future Stars Camps


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