Flexibility and You

How flexible or not flexible is your body?  Redefine Strength and Fitness shared a blog about flexibility that had some interesting facts to share:

  • Flexibility and Mobility are sometimes interchangeably used however, they are quite different.  “Flexibility is a matter of how much certain muscles are able to passively lengthen in order for a joint to move through a larger range of motion.  Mobility is the ability to actively move that joint through its ROM, which involves much, much more than just muscle-lengthening.
  • Stretching is important but practice the right type of stretching.  “Working on your flexibility–your passive ranges of motion–through static stretching isn’t all inherently bad or even a waste of time–but only if it’s paired with an active muscle activation. Because just static stretching isn’t going to help you to actively do the cool flexible thing you want to do.”

Exercise will help with your flexibility and mobility.  Check out these exercises and the videos on the site listed below:

  • 90/90 Hip Stretch
  • 90/90 Internal Rotation and External Rotation of the back hip
  • Child’s Pose T-Spine Rotation
  • Prone External Rotation lifts offs


For detailed information:  Flexibility: More than meets the eye

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Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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