Have Fun with Science

EdSurge shares an interview with Sophia Shrand, host of a comedic science show on YouTube, “Science with Sophie.”

Sophie has degrees in neuroscience and theater from Northeastern University in Boston. Sophie shares that on the surface her degrees seem to be unrelated but she says, “they are, I think, looking at the world from different perspectives to answer similar questions. Like, why are we humans here? What are we doing here? What does it mean to be human? Why do we do what we do?”

Sophie refined her comedic acting skills at Second City, a big comedy theater based in Chicago. Sophie also works at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago where she teaches 24,000 students a year. Sophie uses her experience from these sessions to fine-tune her craft. Loving both theater and neuroscience, she melds her two passions in her YouTube show.

Some of her goals for the show include, “to provide strong female science role models to everybody”, and “What I hope to provide with “Science with Sophie” is a resource that teachers can use”.


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Image Credit:  Future Stars

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