How to Help Your Child Stay in the Game

Steam Powered Family shares some great tips to support you and your child work through their desire to just give up and walk away.  It’s not easy to do, but here are a few of their helpful tips to guide you:

  • Maintain emotional balance – provide a safe and calm space for your child to express their heightened emotions
  • Let them talk about their feelings – encourage them to share their emotions and thoughts as sometimes venting is enough of an outlet, or while you actively listen you may garner insights into what is going on, and if there are larger issues lurking around
  • Determine whether this is a long term issue which needs deeper conversation or a single incident which may resolve itself
  • Negotiation is a great tool – offer and discuss alternatives to resolve the concerns

Sometimes, walking away from a difficult situation can be the appropriate decision.  “Knowing when to quit something is an important life skill.”  Equally important is teaching your child to take responsibility for the choices that they make and to accept in a mature way the end results of their decision whether it is negative or positive.

“So, in an age appropriate way, let them be part of the process of not only starting things, but ending them properly. You might be amazed at how much maturity they can bring to the process when they feel they have ownership over the course of their own lives.”

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Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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