Improve Your Fouettés

Most ballerinas work very hard on performing a perfect fouetté and then dream someday of performing 32 consecutive fouettés like the Swan Queen in Act III of Swan Lake.  “Ah, fouetté turns: They can make even a veteran ballerina shake in her pointe shoes. Performing a seamless series of perfectly placed fouettés requires both strength and finesse.”

DanceSpirit shares dance instructor, Stephanie Kaiser Green of  Albany, NY, 10 tips on improving your fouettés:

  1. Close your hips
  2. Stay aligned
  3. Rotate your hips
  4. Don’t hyperextend your arms
  5. Use your peripheral vision
  6. Create your momentum
  7. Work on your balance everywhere
  8. Take a Pilates class
  9. Build your Strength
  10. Don’t lose your spot

For more details:  Top 10 Tips for Improving Your Fouettes

Image Credit:  Futures Stars Camps


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