Keep Your Dance Costumes Looking Fresh and Lovely

If your child is in a dance program then you know purchasing dance costumes can range from affordable to quite costly.  If your child dances in competition that expense can be bank breaking.  As the costume cost and usage increase, keeping costumes in the best shape is important.  Dance Spirit shares tips from Rhonda Bass, who has hand sewn costumes for many years at DC Dance Factory in Franklin, TN.

Here are a few sensible tips:

  • Store costumes in individual garment bags whenever possible
  • For transporting ease, store each costume in individual plastic bags within a garment bag
  • Store accessories in separate small bags
  • Ensure that any items that can snag fabric are stored separately or covered with tissue
  • Check items thoroughly after each use for stains or missing rhinestones/sequins
  • Carefully hand wash for stains and odors; keep baby wipes handy for lipstick stains

Dance costumes can be quite an investment and even if they are not costly, it is always wise to teach kids to treat their possessions with care.

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