Know the 2018 Warding Off Rule for Boy’s Lacrosse

On March 9, 2018, US Lacrosse shared a NFHS memo clarifying the Warding Off rule. US Lacrosse supports this rule clarification and will adopt the clarification for the 2018 US Lacrosse Boys’ Youth Rules.

So what is Warding Off?

NFHS and US Lacrosse Rule 6-11

WARDING OFF: A player in possession of the ball shall not use their free hand or arm or any other part of his body to hold, push or control the direction of the movement of the crosse or body of the player applying the check. A player in possession of the ball may protect his crosse with his hand, arm or other part of his body when his opponent makes a play to check his crosse.

Below are the 3 questions that US Lacrosse answers for your clarification:

  1. Can an offensive player that has possession of the ball and two hands on the lacrosse stick be penalized for warding off?
  2. Can there be a foul on an offensive player that uses a “Bull Dodge” where the offensive player lowers his shoulder and runs through/over a defensive player?
  3. How should a “Spear”, where a player (offensive or defensive) lowers his helmet and initiates contact to an opponent, be penalized?

For answers to the questions and a US Lacrosse video:  Clarification of Warding Off Rule in Boys’ Lacrosse

Image credit:  Future Stars Camps

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