A Little Hesitant About Horseback Riding?

Horse Network shares some good tips on overcoming your angst about horseback riding.  First thing to keep in mind is that feeling some degree of fear is normal for everyone, even professional athletes feel it.  So what can you do to manage this disquietude?

  • Face your fears directly
  • Hold onto your purpose for riding
  • Manage, control and use a supportive voice while riding
  • Work on your confidence in practice and bring those successes to the ring
  • Be mindful and stay in the moment
  • Work on improving yourself and not proving yourself to others
  • Talk openly with your coach about your concerns

Riding should be fun for you and your horse.  You will be at the peak of your abilities when you are able to quiet your qualms.  Remember, that there are practical solutions for you to embrace so that you can be the best rider that you can be.

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Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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