Looking for a Basketball?

School is almost over and summer offers opportunities to play basketball inside and outside.  Whether you are lofting balls at home, in the park, or at more serious practice sessions, the ball you use plays an important role.  Basketball Phantom shares a complete guide for basketballs.  Here are some things that you should think about:

What are the types of balls:

  1. leather balls are expensive and best for indoor use
  2. synthetic composite balls can be used indoor and outdoors and are more affordable
  3. rubber balls are affordable and durable, and can be used on asphalt

What else should you consider when buying a ball?

  1.  Size
  • 7 inch-mini for younger players or older new players
  • size 5 basketball can be used by ages 9 and below, measures 27.5 inches
  • size 6 ball are often used by women’s leagues and youth leagues for players ages 9 to 12, measures 28.5 inches.
  • size 7 basketball are often used by adult men’s leagues and those aged 13 and up, measures 29.5 inches

2.  Color – you will most likely use the standard slightly burnt orange color for league games but there are other colors available like blue, black, multi-color, etc.

3.  Training Balls

  • training basketballs are usually rubber but weigh twice as much as the average ball, balls are heavier to help develop form and strength for shooting, passing, dribbling, and other ball-handling skills
  • shooter balls have marks on them to show you where to place your hands
  • smart balls are digitally connected basketballs that can track your stats which include makes and misses, shooting percentage, etc.

Knowing how you want to play basketball will help you identify the ball that best suits your current need.


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Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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