Meet David Villa

Did you know that Future Stars Soccer is joining with DV7 for 2 full weeks of overnight soccer training?  The DV7 method will develop campers’  soccer skills, as well as, enhance core values. Training sessions run by licensed Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) professionals ensure that campers are able to build their confidence on and off the field and come away with a memorable experience. The DV7 curriculum is based on Spanish soccer methodology, which has proven to be effective and successful around the world. Led by David Villa, campers will be provided with a full soccer kit as well as a meet and greet with Villa himself.

So let’s get to know David Villa, former World Cup winner and Spain’s all-time leading goalscorer.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your soccer career.  Why do they call you “El Guaje” and what does it mean?

David:  Since I was a little kid I wanted to be a soccer player. In Asturias, the word “Guaje” means kid. When I was a kid they called me Guaje because I used to play with older players.

What has been the most memorable accomplishment of your career?

David:  Winning the World Cup in 2010 was a dream come true. I think that most players dream about winning the World Cup at some point during their careers and we achieved it. It was an incredible feeling to make so many people happy in Spain

And the least memorable moment?

David:  Probably the day I got injured during the Club World Cup with FC Barcelona. I missed the Euro 2012 because of that injury.

What would you say has been one of the biggest influences on your success as a soccer player?

David:  It’s been amazing to be surrounded by so many great coaches and players during my career. I had the chance to learn from the best. Now I try to share with our DV7 players what I’ve learned.


Tell us about the DV7 organization: when it started, what inspired you to start it, where does it operate?

David:  I want to be involved in youth soccer and I enjoy teaching the players what I have learned and experienced throughout my professional career. It all began with my business partner Víctor Oñate. We both decided that it would be great to open academies around the world. As of right now, we have academies in Spain, the U.S., Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. We are very happy with how the academies are progressing.

Tell us about the DV7 curriculum and why it’s so effective when learning how to play soccer.

David:  During my career, I have been able to see and learn different methodologies from great coaches. At DV7, we want the players to learn the game by training with the ball at all times. Our players are the main focus. During the past few years, I have seen a lot of improvement in our players and I am very satisfied with the level of training we are providing them.


What are some key success factors when training under the DV7 curriculum?

David:  Each DV7 academy has a Technical Director who is in charge of implementing the DV7 methodology. All of our players enjoy very dynamic and effective training sessions.

Can anyone join a DV7 Soccer Academy? Or do you need to already have a certain skill level?

David:  All players are welcome. At DV7, we all share the same passion about the game, no matter your soccer skills. Our goal is for players to improve day by day.

Soccer has not traditionally been the most popular sport in the USA, compared to most of the world. How do you and DV7 inspire kids to learn and keep playing soccer?

David:  I think that soccer is becoming more popular in this country. I see a lot of boys and girls wanting to become soccer players. I try to show our players that it’s more important to learn lifelong values than winning trophies. Soccer is a collective sport and even if a player doesn’t become a professional soccer player, he or she will have learned important values during their soccer career.

To any kids out there who are thinking about learning to play soccer, or joining one of your camps, what would you say to them?

David:  Come join us! The camps are a lot of fun and a good way to keep your soccer skills sharp, another plus is the players will have a chance to play with me on the field and ask me questions.


Image Credit:  David Villa


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