A Moment in the Life of Future Stars’ Campers

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Meet Sofia, I met her at Cheerleading camp.

Farah: How old were you when you first started at FS?

Sofia:  I am 11 and this is my first year at Future Stars Camps.

Farah:  Welcome to your first year here!  Do you have siblings and are they with you at camp?

Sofia:  Yes, I have 4. My oldest sister used to go to Basketball camp, but all of my siblings are either too old or too young to come to FS.


 Farah:  What are some things you love to do at home?

 Sofia:  Cooking. 

 Farah:  Me too! What do you like to make?

Sofia:  Fruit tarts. 

Farah:  That’s so cool! That sounds so hard to make!

Sofia:  It’s so hard to make but soooo good.

Farah:  What’s your favorite TV show?

Sofia:  I would have to say ‘Friends’ or ‘Stranger Things’.

Farah:  Do you have a favorite singer or sports player?

Sofia:  If I had to pick a singer it would be Sia and for sports I would pick Messi for soccer. 

Farah:  Do you have an idea of what you want to be when you grow up?

Sofia: I want to be a veternerian.  

Farah:  I love that!  Do you have pets?

Sofia:  I have 4. I have 2 dogs, 1 cat and fish. 

Farah:  What kind of dogs do you have?

Sofia: I have a mini schnauzer and a mini poodle.

Farah:  Aw! I have a mini golden doodle. Pets are the best!  What’s your favorite food to eat?

Sofia:  Sushi

Farah:  How many weeks will you be at camp?

Sofia:  Next week, I’m away and then I’m back for a few more weeks.

Farah:  What’s the best part of being a kid?

Sofia:  Not having too much responsibility.

Farah:  Is there anything you would want people to know about you?

Sofia: That my real name is not Sequoia!

Farah:  Thats right! I heard everyone calling you Sequoia! Why do you go by Sequoia?


Sofia:  Because on Tuesday we were doing pyramids and they lifted me and I screamed “Sequoia”! They said, “OMG is that your name”? Because that’s what I scream when I’m scared. So now everyone calls me Sequoia.

Farah:  What’s your favorite memory of camp, so far?  

Sofia:  I don’t know, it was all really really fun. I would have to say learning all of the stunts. Learning how to throw people up in the air but not in a scary way! 

Farah:  Thank you so much for sharing some interesting things about yourself and camp.  I hope you have a great week away!


For more information about the Cheerleading program at Purchase, or to enroll, visit our page, Cheerleading  camp page, today.

Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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