Need Help With Your Vertical?

Volleywood.net shared an IG post by Carly Wopat on how to increase your vertical.  Carly was the middle blocker and former star player at Stanford University.  “To preface this post, I am no master of the matter. But I do have a Human Biology Stanford degree w/ a concentration in human performance, I play professional volleyball & train daily, and I’m a major nerd when it comes to anything performance & health related.”

Carly makes it quite clear, like most things there is never one single answer to improve your vertical but rather an amalgamtion of factors that include workouts, mechanics, mobility, use of the full body, etc.  Keeping in mind that the two important components in your workout that your train for are speed and power.

Carly shared a few sets she did in her last workout:

  • power jerks (Olympic lifts)
  • ankle hops
  • consecutive hurdle jumps
  • approach jump test

For details and video:  How To Increase Your Vertical By Carly Wopat

Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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