A Moment in the Life of Future Stars Campers

This summer, we are featuring “Camper Moments” every Wednesday from our different camps and locations.  Let us know what camps you are interested in learning more about at:


Meet Meriel and Claress!  Meriel is 14 and Claress is 13.  They have been best friends since they met at swim camp last year.  Both girls started swim camp at the same time last year and have made sure that they are by each other’s side since.  Meriel and Claress chat with Meg Griffin.  Meg shares, ” I have to say that they are the sweetest of girls. They just had so much love for each other and the other kids in swim camp, and they expressed how much they value the experiences that they are having and sharing together!”


Meg:  Hi! How is your day going?

Claress: Great!

Meg:  So, how long are you guys here at swim camp?

MerielI am here for three weeks, so next week is my last week.

Claress:  I am here for the rest of the summer! We try to plan to make sure we are here for the same weeks.  So, I’m glad we got to be together for the weeks that Meriel is here!


Meg:  Awesome! So you guys became friends when you got here last year?

Meriel: Yeah, I remember looking around on my first day and going up to Claress and introducing myself.  I was so glad I found her.

Claress: Yeah, I was too.  And from there we formed a “squad,”  that includes Emily, Christoph, Nate, and Ian.  We even have a group chat and everything.


Meg:  That’s so great that you all got close.

MerielYeah, we just have formed this really cool comraderie among our lane over the past two years.  During the Friday meets, we always get a little competitive towards each other but we all know its just a joke and it helps to push each other.  Even during daily practice, we motivate each other to keep going and try our best.  All year, I just can’t wait to get back to be with my friends at swimming camp.

Claress: Yeah I agree, we really push each other to work harder when we’re at camp together. I remember my time for my 25 freestyle was 6 whole seconds longer last summer than it is now.  I think that a lot of that is because of Kate (the swim director) and also that extra push from my supportive friends.

Meriel: Yeah totally.  And we don’t judge each other.  If we don’t get great times, we still just cheer each other on.  Everyone is really good-natured.

Interview with Meriel and Claress  Interview with Meriel and Claress

Meg:  Wow you guys seem so sweet and supportive of your friends.  I’ve gotta come to this meet on Friday!  So do you guys plan on swimming in high school?  Or do you swim outside of school?

Meriel: Yeah, I swim for a team during the year.

Claress:  Same

MerielBut I am also going to try out for my high school team this upcoming year.

Meg:  So, how do you think swimming camp compares to the swimming you do during the year?

Meriel I definitely think that there is much more individualized attention at camp.  The coaches will help me work on what I need specifically, as opposed to just doing drills for a certain amount of hours.

Claress Camp really pushes me to do my best.  We really focus on stroke technique and like Meriel said, it is more individualized attention which is really helpful.

Meg:  I’m glad that you guys are really seeing yourselves as improving, while also having fun!  So, what else are you guys up to when you’re not swimming?

ClaressI like to do Taekwando, I have my black belt.

Meriel: Woah really?  I don’t want to mess with you Claress, haha.  Swimming is my main thing, but I also do a lot of model UN.  I know it seems nerdy, but I love it.

Meg:  That’s so great.  You two are such great girls!  Thanks so much for talking to me, I hope I see you around camp!


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Connection Between Stretching and Athletic Performance

Is Stretching Connected to Your Athletic Performance and Health?

Swim Swam shares why it is so important for athletes to take the time to stretch.  You should know that stretching:

  • improves circulation
  • improves muscle flexibility
  • improves range of motion

Stretching is important for all athletes and here are some tips to maximize your stretching techniques:

  • make sure you stretch well and stop before you feel pain
  • always breathe deeply and steadily, rid yourself of the habit of holding your breath
  • avoid bouncing, stretching is a steady process so move smoothly and avoid pulsing movements

Remember to stretch regularly and incorporate stretching in to your routine.  Keep in mind that consistent stretching improves your overall health and assists in your recovery which markedly can effect your abilities.

For more details:  Stretching Improves Athletic Performance and Health

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Common Neophyte Riding Mistakes and Fixes

The Spruce Pets share 10 common horseback riding missteps that newbies will often make and tips on how to fix them. Here are a few of the universal slips that can happen but no worries, reset yourself and you can get on the right canter:

  1. Hands in the air – Often beginner riders have their hands high up in the air thinking that this will assist in their balance.   Not so, as the reins control the horse and loose reins accord limited to no control. You can fix this by holding the reins at hip level and maintainting an even light tension.
  2. Standing on tippy toes – When you first learn to post the trot, you may tippy toe and this can lead to losing the rhythm of the trot.  To fix this, train your core muscles to help you post the trot and to not use your feet.
  3. Ramming your feet into the stirrups –  This is a common but potentially serious mistake if you are not outfitted with safety stirrups or proper boots.  Work on ensuring that your stirrups are always at the proper length.  “The stirrup should just hit your ankle bone when your legs are hanging free with your feet out of the stirrups. Place your foot in the stirrup so the ball (widest) part of your foot is resting on the stirrup.”
  4. Holding your breath – Trying something new, makes people anxious and often holding your breath comes hand in hand with new experiences.  To allay this natural reaction, smile, laugh, hum appropriately, or if you can work on creating a comfortable breathing pattern that matches the cadence of a gentle walk.
  5. Looking at the horse – New riders are often exhilirated and infatuated with their horse and riding.  It is however, very important that you keep your eyes on the direction that you want to head in.  Remember, you are controling the horse and the determing the destination.

Riding is a marvelous experience.  Paramount in your instruction is always be safe and wear the proper riding helmet and safe footwear.

For more information and the other 5 mistakes:  The Top 10 Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes

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A Moment in the Life of Future Stars’ Campers

This summer, we are featuring “Camper Moments” every Wednesday from our different camps and locations.  Let us know what camps you are interested in learning more about at:


Meet Kristin! She is 8 years old and enrolled in our Horseback Riding Camp.  She has been riding for about 3 years and has been attending Future Stars Camps for 2 years.  Kristin shares her experiences with Meg Griffin.


Hi Kristin! So how are you liking camp?

Kristin:  “I love camp. I am in the first horseback riding group this year!”

And what does that mean Kristen?

Kristin:  “It means that I ride at a pretty advanced level. I can canto (meaning a fast gallop). I was in the second group last year, so I have gotten a little better.”

What is your favorite part of the day?

Kristen:  “The morning! When I am riding.”


What else do you do at camp besides riding?

Kristin:  “We learn about how to groom and bathe the horses. Today we helped give one of the horses a medicated bath for his skin.”

Who is your favorite horse at Stratford Stables (where they ride)?

Kristin:  “Either Peaches or Pluto. Peaches is a pony and Pluto is a horse. It used to be Patrick last year.”

Who is your best friend at camp?

Kristin:  “Piper”

Who is your favorite counselor?

Kristin:  “Hannah”

FS.Moments.Kristen.July18.20181.3.Canva   FS.Moments.Kristen.July18.20181.4.Canva

What else do you like to do besides riding?

Kristin:  “During the year I play tennis, softball, basketball, and I swim. I also like to read.”

Have you read any books recently?

Kristin:  “Yes, I read ‘Black Beauty’ recently, it’s about a horse.”

Do you ride horses during the year?

Kristin:  “Not really, but after camp in the summer I go to iceland to see my family and ride horses?”

Woah! Where do you ride the horses?

Kristin:  “At a stable, but sometimes we take them to the beach”

Do you speak icelandic?

Kristin:  “Yes!”

Very cool.

Do you have any goals for camp?

Kristin:“Yes, I would want to maybe be able to jump.”

Awesome! Well thanks so much for talking to me Kristin!


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Reasons to Start ACL Injury Prevention Programs Early

SoccerAmerica’s Dr. Dev Mishra shares,”I’ve written  and spoken about how much I believe in the value of the FIFA 11 program to reduce ACL and lower extremity injury rates, and make better soccer players. In fact the value of the FIFA 11 has been demonstrated in other sports too. I honestly can’t see why any coach wouldn’t implement this program. It’s part of the regular warmup you’d be doing anyway, and it’s better for your players. Please do it.”

Since ACL tears happen more often to teenagers than to younger playerst.  This portends the question should the introduction of FIFA 11 be delayed till the teenage years?

The American Journal of Sports Medicine recently published a study that reveals that the younger players will have greater improvements in body mechanics than the teenagers. “The key study result: start the FIFA 11 program in the younger age groups.”

Here are some main points to keep in mind:

  • The FIFA 11 injury prevention warmup program has been proven effective in reducing lower extremity injury rates in soccer players.
  • Pre-adolescent and adolescent female players are at particular risk for ACL injury, possibly due to risky movement patterns.
  • A recent study shows that the pre-adolescent group may benefit most from training with the FIFA 11 program, although all groups show improvements in their movement patterns
  • This study suggests that starting the FIFA 11 program as early as possible would be beneficial.

Always be prepared to ask questions and talk with the professionals when enrolling your child in any program.

For details:  Why ACL injury prevention programs should start when the players are young

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Looks Like Magic But It’s Brain Science?

“Greg Gage is on a mission to make brain science accessible to all. In this fun, kind of creepy demo, the neuroscientist and TED Senior Fellow uses a simple, inexpensive DIY kit to take away the free will of an audience member. It’s not a parlor trick; it actually works. You have to see it to believe it.”


Interview with Ethan

A Moment in the Life of Future Stars’ Campers

This summer, we are featuring “Camper Moments” every Wednesday from our different camps and locations.  Let us know what camps you are interested in learning more about at:


Meet Ethan.  Ethan is enrolled in basketball camp and is a star kid on and off the court.  He has been a camper here for 6 years and LOVES basketball and all of the friends that he makes while playing.  Ethan comfortably chats with Meg Griffin and shares his Future Stars experience.


Hi Ethan! So, what is your favorite part about camp?

Ethan:  “The games are my favorite part.  I also love the cafeteria.”


That’s funny so many kids here love the cafeteria, so I’m not surprised you said that.  So how did you hear about future stars?

Ethan:  “Well, both my brother and sister came here.  My sister was a counselor in Circus Camp last year, and my brother came here when he was younger.”

How old were you when you started here?

Ethan:  “I was 6, and now I’m 11.”

Do you usually play with other kids that are 11?

Ethan:  “Yeah, I either play with kids that are 11 or a little older”

(Jess Lindsay, Assistant Director of Future Stars Basketball Camps, overhears our conversation and shares.)

Jess Lindsay:  “Kids are typically placed in same age groups, but Ethan has been coming here for a number of years and we have recognized that he usually works best when he is challenged by playing with kids who are a little older.  So here he plays with kids from ages 11 all the way to 15”

Do you play basketball year-round?

Ethan:  “Yeah I play for my middle school team and I play travel basketball during the year”


What is your favorite team?

Ethan:  “NBA or college? NBA, I like the Nicks, but for college basketball, I root for Duke”

Do you want to go to Duke when you’re older?

Ethan:  “Yes, I really want to go there and play basketball”

So you want to keep up basketball all through Middle School, High School, and College?!

Ethan:  “Yes!”

That’s awesome.  So who is your best friend at camp?

Ethan:  “Probably Devin (Eliana’s brother).

Well, thank you for talking to me, have fun at camp!


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Use Household Items to Improve Your Golfing

Tips to Control Your Putting Speed

Practical Golf shares a video and a book to help you control your putting speed.  Undoubtedly, managing your putting speed is key to doing better on the greens.  If you control the speed on the first putt and keep the ball within 10 feet you will have increased the probability that the second putt could get you in. Unfortunately, putting is a skill that is often overlooked when golfers practice, yet this is often where multiple shots are made.

So what can you do to improve this essential skill:

  • practice, practice, practice
  • play games that challenge you to lag putts to certain distances around the hole
  • improve your putting stroke

Aim for 2 putts per hole and you will see a big difference in your final score.  If this is one area that you have failed to practice, you will see a change in your score.

For more details:  Putting Distance Control – The Key To Success on the Greens

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STEAM and Robotics

STEAM and Robotics

Steam Craft Edu shares, “Robotics is one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century.  With the robotics market more than doubling in the last few years, at an almost exponential increase in the number of applications, robotics offers exciting and varied career opportunities.”

Kids are often drawn to robots, either as toys to play with or movies to watch, and the truth is so are adults.  Building your own robot used to be a herculean task requiring specialized skills, hard to find components, and a huge financial investment.  But not so these days.  STEAM educators encourage kids and parents to explore the field of robotics by starting off with simple small projects and as they develop their skills and understanding to work up to more complex ideas and designs.  Confidence building comes with accomplishing smaller goals and moving up to larger goals as their skills’ mastery improves.  Here are some homekit suggestions from Steam Craft Edu:

And if budget is not a consideration, you may want to try this Droid Inventor Kit from littleBits. Whichever activity kit you start with enjoy the time you have together working with your child to enhance their future.  Robots like drones and self-driving cars are part of our present and will be proliferating in the years to come.  Give your child a head start.

For more information:  Learning with STEAM Powered Robotics

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Interview with Colin

A Moment in the Life of Future Stars’ Campers

This summer, we are featuring “Camper Moments” every Wednesday from our different camps and locations.  Let us know what camps you are interested in learning more about at:


Meet Collin.  He’s at tennis camp this week, and you can usually find him on the courts.  Collin is 12 years old and has been playing tennis for about 6 years.  His parents played tennis and they encouraged him to learn tennis, and he has been playing here at camp ever since.  Collin shares his day with Meg Griffin.


Hi Collin, what grade are you going into?

Collin:  “I’m going into 8th grade”

How do you like tennis camp?

Collin:  “I love it, I’ve been coming to Futures Stars Camps for 3 years now.”

Do you have other family that comes to Future Stars?

Collin: “Yes, my brother, Aidan, who is 10 also attends tennis camp.”

Who is your favorite counselor?

Collin:  “Manuela and Javier are my favorite counselors this summer.” 

Interview with Colin - Javier   Interview with Colin

What sports do you play?

Collin:   “I play tennis and baseball.”

Do you play year round?

Collin:   “Yeah, I play indoor tennis during the year.”

What is your strongest shot?

Collin: “Probably, my forehand.”

What are your favorite games to play at tennis camp?

Collin: “I enjoy playing King of the Court and Stratigo.”

Interview with Colin


Have you been playing in the tournament?

Collin:  “Yeah, I really want to win this week.”

Who is your best friend at camp?

Collin:  “Dahminik”

Interview with Colin - Dahminik

What are you up to when you’re not at camp?

Collin:  “I’m usually playing Fortnite at home or with friends.”

What’s your favorite song?

Collin: “God’s Plan, by Drake”

If you had a million dollars, what would you buy?

Collin: “A big trampoline and drones.”

Where is your favorite place to eat?

Collin:  “Vega, it is Mexican Food”

What is your favorite subject in school?

Collin:  “Lunch.”

Do you have any pets?

Collin:   “No, but I want a pet piranha”

What else are you up to this summer?

Collin:   “I’m going to Kiawah Island in South Carolina with my family.”

Thank you for talking to me! Have a great week!


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