Swimming Well, May Not Just Be About Talent

Swim Swam’s, Olivier Poirier-Leroy shares that being the best swimmer that you can be may not just be about swimming practices and drills, dry land routines, coaching, nutrition, natural abilities or physical attributes but also about your mental preparedness.  Try developing these habits:

  • Decide to bolster your mental fortitude – work on the attributes that will make you mentally tenacious
  • Be humble – instead of coveting the abilities of others, concentrate on your own gifts and work hard to hone your own abilities
  • Don’t stop exploring your outer limits – consistently seek out to try new things and put away the “can’t do” mentality
  • Always be prepared to learn – always be willing to work on areas where you can improve, don’t confuse being stubborn with being mentally tough, always strive for improvement
  • Redirect negativity – accept and work through your frustrations, but know how to harness that energy and use it for training and development
  • Be patient with yourself – work through bad practices and days, take a step back, and work through the kinks till you are satisfied, and keep persevering
  • Dive right in – stop waiting for the perfect, the time is now
  • Create routines – design a sustainable schedule to meet your goals and most importanty stick with it

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Is sports a college ticket?

Are High Level Sports a Ticket to College?

Richard D Ginsburg Ph.D, with Psychology Today, questions whether playing high-level sports garners kids better opportunites to getting into colleges of their choice.  The truth is ” less than 5% in most cases as estimated by the NCAA and the National Alliance of Youth Sports” play college sports.  “Bill Pennington wrote in the New York Times, full scholarships are rarely given. In fact, most scholarships fail to match the years of annual youth sport bills that include membership fees and extensive travel bills. Is it really worth our time, energy and dollars to invest in such an unlikely outcome?”

So why then should kids plays sports, here are what studies reveal:

  • sports improve cardiovascular health
  • lowers the risk of obesity
  • enahances social skills and overall mental health
  • cultivates character and encourages versatililty
  • incites thoughfulness and develops leadership skills
  • being in good physical shape allows for comfortability and confidence in their own bodies

Parents have a lot of reasons as to why they want their kids to play sports, but it does seem more likely that sports will provide your child with life skills rather than a slam dunk into college.

For details:  Psychology of Sport – Will playing sports get our kids into college?

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A Moment in the Life of Future Stars’ Campers

This summer, we will feature “Camper Moments” every Wednesday from our different camps and locations.  Let us know what camps you are interested in learning more about at: purchase@fscamps.com.


Meet Eliana.  Eliana is 9 this summer and started at Rising Stars camp when she was 3.    Eliana is a rising 4th grader.  This conversation stems from a chat with her previous counselor, Meg Griffin, who notes that Eliana is “so much bigger and stronger” than when she started at Future Stars Camps.


How long have you been coming to Future Stars?

Eliana:  “5 years!”

Have you always participated in the Multi-sports camp?

Eliana:  “Yes, I always do multi sports.”

Are you interested in trying other camps?

Eliana:  “Yes, I am joining basketball camp during the 3rd week this summer when more girls come”

Are you excited?

Eliana: “Yes!!”


Who is your favorite counselor?

Eliana:  Anthony Bonsignore, Director of Multi Sports and Youth Leadership Program, and that is never going to change!”

Have you made a lot of friends here at camp?

Eliana:  “Yeah I make a lot a lot of friends at Future Stars like Zach (r) and Gabriel (l).


Who is your best friend here?

Eliana:  “My brother, Devin (he is in basetball camp).”

What is your favorite activity to do here?

Eliana:  “Dodgeball, we played this morning. I also like color wars. I want to be on the blue team again this year because we won last year.”

What are you looking forward to today?

Eliana:  “I am excited for gaga, capture the flag, and dodgeball”

Thank you Eliana!



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Tips for Young Referees

Soccer America’s Randy Vogt has some good advice for young referees when confronted with angry adults when he gave a talk on reffing at intramural games.  Sadly, when aswering questions about soccer rules, Randy found that many of the young referees’ questions were about how to manage adults who were behaving inappropriately during a game, whether they were coaches or players’ parents.  These young refs were between the ages of  10 -14 and the players’ they reffed were age 6 – 12.  Here is some advice that Randy shared:

  • If coaches yell at you – politely say to them, “Coach, we are trying our best as refs just as you are doing as a coach. The game will go smoother if you concentrate on coaching your team rather than commenting on the officiating.”
  • After one reminder and if the coach or a parent continues to behave inappropriately, call on the field coordinator to intervene.
  • If there are concerns about referees missing fouls or the like, work on having a pleasant conversation between periods with the coaches and the field coordinator.

The sad fact is that often times, adults can get out of control and create a lot of misery for young referees.  There are takeaways for both sides.  The referees can concentrate on the positives of their job, like the extra cash they make doing something that they enjoy.  The adults really need to manage their emotions and remember that everyone makes mistakes.

For more information:  Advice for young referees — and a plea to the adults who scream at them

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Add to Your Show Ring Form

Could Your Show Ring Performance Use Some Tweeks?

Horse Network shares some pointers that you should think about to help you correct any mistakes that you could be making in the show ring. Here are some things to consider:

  • Always work on building your own skills and not just the skills that you and your horse are working on together.
  • Always be willing to own your mistakes and learn from them.
  • Always be willing to learn from the top riders and take advantage of the opportunity to watch them in the ring and ask them questions when you can.
  • Always spend the time to ensure that you are adept at each level before you move onto the next.   Remember that mastery of a level takes time and as you excel your confidence will also improve.
  • Maintain the same level of intensity in your training ring as in your show ring to alleviate anxiety and help you to maintain the high quality of your performance.

For details:  5 Common Mistakes that Could Be Holding You Back in the Show Ring (and How to Fix Them!)

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Interview with Meg Griffin

Spotlight on Meg Griffin

“The biggest reward that I’ve received in my life is that after running Future Stars for 36 years is that, I’ve come into the second generation of campers. Parents that attended are now sending their kids to the camp, because they love Future Stars and they fondly remember their experiences.”—Charlie VanDercook

We are proud to be a family tradition.  Enjoy getting to know our Future Stars Camps family. If there is someone at Future Stars Camps that you want to know more about, let us know at:  purchase@fscamps.com


Meet Meg Griffin.  And as family traditions go, Meg is the daughter of Bill Griffin, a Future Stars Camps founder.  Meg started at the Rising Stars Camp when she was 3, in the days when you could start that young.  Meg has only missed one summer since she turned 16 working as a counselor at the Rising Stars camp.  Meg just graduated from Wake Forest University and will be joining the Futures Stars Camp team as Head of Social Media.

What was your most memorable 2017 winter moment?

MegMy most memorable winter 2017 moment was going to New Orleans with friends from my college, Wake Forest University.

What are you most looking forward to at camp this summer?

Meg:  I am most looking forward to taking pictures of lots of campers this summer and getting to know them in the process.  More so than ever this year, I will be sharing with parents on Instagram and Facebook the fun their children are having at Future Stars Camps .  There will be daily instagram posts, as well as, weekly Facebook posts.  I am eager to see how excited the kids and parents will be when they see our posts. 

What are some of your hobbies?

Meg My hobbies include running and dancing.  I was a member of a hip hop crew called Momentum Crew during college and have always been an avid runner.  I have completed 5 half marathons and hope to run a marathon in the near(ish) future.


What is your favorite camp memory:

MegMy favorite memory from camp was tie dye day at Multi-Sports during the summer of 2016.  Anthony trusted me to take charge of this activity and I loved seeing the campers’ excitement when they saw their finished t-shirts.


What do you enjoy about your job?

Meg I enjoy goofing around with Kirsten and Rachael in the office.  Although it can be stressful, we always find time to make each other laugh.

What song do you play most often?

Meg:  I play the song “The Greatest” by Sia a lot.  She is just so motivating, haha.  I always listen to her when I am running.

Which exercise do you enjoy the most?

Meg:   If I am not running or dancing, I am doing Vinyasa yoga.  I try to go once a week when I am home.  I have been doing it for 8 years now and love the intense sweat and stretch that you get when completing the class.


What’s your favorite comfort food?

MegMy favorite comfort food is (weirdly) sushi.  I always have sushi with miso soup and edamame.  I just love the salt.

If you could be the better at something, what would you choose?

MegIf I could be better at singing that would be awesome.  I would love to just belt out a song in the car and feel confident that someone could turn the music off and I would still sound good.

What do you miss most about being a kid?

MegI miss being so good at acrobatics.  I used to do gymnastics, dancing, and diving.  I also attended Futures Stars’ Circus Arts camp!  I was very flexible and could do all sorts of flips and tricks.  The only thing that I have kept up  being able to do are some things on a trampoline and a roundoff back handspring (but I barely ever do it).


What’s your favorite book?

Meg I am reading the book “Self Compassion” and being a recent college graduate, this book has been super helpful in moving on from college confidently!

What kind of movies do you enjoy?

I love romantic comedies, I just can’t resist!

Who is your favorite fictional character?

MegMy favorite fictional character is the character Megan from the book,”The Thunderbirds“, because I was named after her.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity/indoor activity?

MegI really like to draw! I can’t just draw something on the spot, but if you give me a picture to look at I can usually do a pretty good job of replicating it!

What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

MegI actually think that the first thing I bought with my own money was a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (no joke).  I still love Dunkin’ so so much!

What is your favorite quote?

 “Being human is not about being any one particular way; it is about being as life creates you—with your own particular strengths and weaknesses, gifts and challenges, quirks and oddities.” ― Kristin Neff.


Image Credit:  Meg Griffin

Improve your putting

Putting Advice

Practical Golf’s Jon Sherman shares that putting is one of the hardest things for him in golf because you need to do three things properly:

  • Make the correct read
  •  Choose the right speed
  • Put a good stroke on the ball (not push or pull it)

To further illustrate that putting is a tough skill to refine, Jon presented some PGA Tour players’ putting statistics that highlight that putting is tough even for professionals.  Here are the putt stats the pros make from various distances:

  • 3-5 feet – 88%
  • 5-10 feet – 57%
  • 10-15 feet – 33%
  • 15-20 feet – 19%

So when you see statistics like this, it offers you the opportunity to reassess your putting expectations – are they realistic?  Should you be upset if you miss a 10 foot putt when you are just joining the ranks of 43% of PGA golfers?  The key lies in practicing your putts and managing your expectations.

For more details:  Putting: Let’s Get Real!

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Foot and Arch Pain Exercises

Dancers Know How to Prevent and Treat Foot Arch Pain

Dancers frequently suffer from dull arch pain often after tedious rehearsals.  Dance Magazine, shares what 2 podiatrists have to say about prevention tips and treatment advice.

See what these podiatrists have to say:

  • “Arch pain in dancers is commonly triggered by overuse of the intrinsic foot muscles in the sole of the foot. Properly strengthening the muscles surrounding this area will prevent fatigue, and thus soreness, says Atlanta-based podiatrist Dr. Frank Sinkoe.  Another culprit could be tendonitis of the peroneal tendon on the outer side of the foot, instigated by forcing turnout, Sinkoe says. This tendon, which attaches to the underside of the foot, can aggravate the arch if you’re not properly engaging your turnout muscles in the hips, and instead forcing it in your feet.”
  • Dr. Thomas Novella, a Manhattan-based podiatrist who specializes in dance injuries,” notes that weak calves may get fatigued early in class, causing the muscles in your toes to pick up the slack. When this happens, you’ll likely feel the after-effect in your arches.”

Try these exercises to prevent sore arches:

  • intrinsic foot strengthening exercises like relevés in shank-less pointe shoes, and flexing and pointing the toes using the resistance of a Thera-Band
  • practicing exercises that target the external hip rotators, to help strengthen them enough to properly engage when you turn out
  • consider the foot doming exercise to keep your toes strong
  • try barefoot single-leg relevés on a half foam roller (with the flat part on the floor) to strengthen your calves

And to treat it, rest is always the best cure and don’t think that working through the pain is beneficial.  Work on strengthening the muscles around the arch and make sure when working on your turnout that you are only rotating as much as your hips allow.

As with any medical considerations, please consult your medical professional for personalized treatment.

For more details and instructional videos:  How to Prevent and Treat Foot Arch Pain, According to Podiatrists

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Spotlight on Dahminik Deutsch

“Future Stars Camps has been around for 37 years and keeping it fresh while maintaining the values that have made this summer day camp a family tradition are why parents, who attended as kids, want their children to come here.”  —                  Jordan Snider

We are proud to be a family tradition.  Enjoy getting to know our Future Stars Camps family. If there is someone at Future Stars Camps that you want to know more about, please let us know at:  purchase@fscamps.com


Meet Dahminick Deutsch, a camper that comes all the way from Minnesota.  This is Dahminick’s second summer at Future Stars Camps.  Welcome Dahminick!

How old were you when you started at Future Stars Camps?

Dahminik:  I am from Minnesota and my first year of camp was last summer when my cousin, Kirsten Shaughnessy, Office Manager, SUNY Purchase invited me to live with her for the summer. I was 14 years old and it was my first time in New York and being away from home for so long.


What are your hobbies?

Dahminik:  My hobbies are Tennis, Hockey, and playing PlayStation with friends.

What are your favorite television shows?  Favorite singer, sports player, etc.

Dahminik:   My favorite TV Channel is ESPN, I can watch tennis all day. Favorite band is Florida Georgia Lin and my favorite sports player is Roger Federer.

Do you have an idea of what you want to do or be when you grow up?

Dahminik:    I want to be a business owner, involved with technology based businesses, or a job that I really enjoy, and teach tennis on the side.

What’s your favorite food?

Dahminik:    My favorite food is chicken caesar salad and pizza. I also love candy, when we flew out to NY last summer, I had so much candy in my backpack that we got stopped by TSA and they had to inspect it, good thing we didn’t miss our flight!

Do you have a pet?  Tell us a little about your pet?

Dahminik:   I have two dogs, one is a white lab and one is a shitzu. When I stay with my cousin she has a dog and a cat. Last summer, I talked her into adopting the cat, Ginny (I am her favorite).

What grade are you in?  What do you most enjoy about school?

Dahminik:   I just finished 9th grade, school in MN gets out a lot sooner than NY! 

What are you most looking forward to this summer at camp?

Dahminik:   I am looking forward to improving my tennis game and meeting some more friends, as well as, spending another summer in New York doing things I wouldn’t have the chance to do in Minnesota.

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When you have some quiet time, what do you choose to do?

Dahminik:  I enjoy watching tennis on my phone any chance I get.

Which program at FS camps do you attend?

Dahminik:   I attend the Tennis program, I am relatively new to tennis, just started the past couple of years.  I was given the opportunity to come out for all 10 weeks last summer to improve my play. Last school year, I tried out for the Varsity team at my high school as a Freshman, it was difficult but with all my hard work and everything I learned at Future Stars I earned a Varsity spot.

What is the best part of being a kid?

Dahminik:   Being a part of sports teams in High School, getting good grades, having fun in sports, and being a varsity athlete.

Share some things that are important to you?

Dahminik:  I really like tennis, I’m from Minnesota and love to break out in random dance moves. I enjoy computers and technical work, and my next venture is building my own computer from scratch.


What do you want people to know about you?

Dahminik:   I enjoy playing tennis, I like watching it, as well as, helping my friends out.

What is your favorite memory from camp?

Dahminik:   My favorite memory is the week Kirsten dyed my hair like the American flag for crazy hair day and when she surprised me with a brand new stars and stripes Babolat tennis racket. Also, when I hit my first tweener in practice.


Looking for a Pair of 2018 Tennis Shoes?

Tennis Plaza shares a review of the latest 2018 tennis shoes.  “Brands like Nike and Adidas introduce knit fabrics combined with resistant synthetics in an effort to create shoes that become the highest standard in professional tennis equipment. Other brands like Wilson and Head rely on their sport expertise to produce high quality gear that blends bio-mechanics and various levels of tennis performance such as light shoes for speed or rugged and resistant outsoles for intense game players.”

Here is what Tennis Plaza has to say about some of the 2018 tennis shoe choices:

  • New Nike Zoom Vapor X – With the numbers to back it up, this Nike Vapor Court line supported by Federer is by far the best selling tennis shoes in the market with over 10 million pairs on court since 2004.
  • Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 2.0 & 3 –  Adidas has updated this shoe to maximize speed, comfort and cooling.  If you are looking for lightweight shoes, try the new adidas Adizero Ubersonic 2.0 for men or the adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 for women.
  • Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 – If you are looking for low to the ground feel with forefoot support this shoe is designed for that.  The benefits of this design includes explosive acceleration and its outsole creates strong steps on the court to make players more agile.

Read more:  New Tennis Shoes for 2018

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