Parents, On Edge at Swim Meets?

Is it the sweaty palms, or a slight impatience that gives away that you are feeling nervous before a child’s swim meet?  Not uncommon, but important to remember that how you respond to pressure may also affect your child’s emotions as well.  A tense child will more than likely not swim as well their counterpart who is relaxed and having fun.  Swim Swam shares some parental tips for staying cool:

  • Maintain perspective – remember each race is an experience for growth, you are the parent be supportive and offer encouragement and let coach coach.
  • Breathe – be mindful of your breathing, it helps.  You can even find an app to help with it.
  • Cheer – cheering the team on can be helpful.  Swing into the fun of things.
  • Walk – walk around during warm-ups, this will help free your mind.
  • Focus only on what you can control – don’t worry about the things that you cannot change and focus on what you can
  • Be in the moment – enjoy the moment that you are in, don’t think about past events or what can happen in the future.

What has worked for you?


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Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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