Playoff Prep Tips

Endings are often tough for everyone and it’s that time of the year, when football season is coming to a close. If your child’s team has had a good season and they are heading to the playoffs, here are some tips from USA Football to prepare for an exciting but sometimes stressful time:

  • Maintain the same routines that you used during the entire season.  You might consider arriving a little earlier than usual to accommodate pre-game practice.
  • Work with your child to manage their expectations.  Prepare them for loss in this game or victory.  Remind them of what a good time they have had and to look forward to another season.
  • Work on not overwhelming your child with game strategies and advice, leave that to the professionals.
  • Win or lose, plan on having a celebration after the game with your family and/or teammates.  Whatever the outcome, always remember to greet your child after the game with affection, hugs or high fives are always appreciated.


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