Prep Tips Before Game Time

The days before a big game can always be stressful and anxiety causing.  CoachUp Nation shares 6 ways that you can prepare yourself before the big event.  Starting yourself on rituals before the game may help you to channel your energy towards success.

  • Visualize – before the game visualize your best moves and think them through and/or recall a mistake and think of how you can avert it.
  • Sleep -your mind and body needs to get enough rest
  • Eat the right foods – day before the game eat enough carbohydrates and stay away from fatty and fried foods and don’t eat too much before game time
  • Stretch – start your stretching exercises the day before the game
  • Routine – have a routine that you stick to before each game
  • Speak to your Coach – talk to your coach about game expectations

Work on all of these areas and in time you will see that preparation will improve your chances for success.  Go forth and be the best player that you can be – because you prepared!

For more details:  6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Big Game

Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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