Are You Prepared to Play College Lax?

If you are thinking of playing college lacrosse there are a lot of options and levels that are available for you such as  NCAA D1, D2, and D3, NJCAA, MCLA, NCLL, NAIA, and CUFLA.  With all these options you need to spend time researching on which level would be the best fit for you.  Playing any college sport will require a great deal of your time, passion, and sacrifices.  You will have to choose practice and games over all other activities that college life offers.  Absorb, accept and embrace your time committment to your college sport of choice.  Lacrosse All Stars shares some of the things that an aspiring college lacrosse should be prepared to think about and answer:

  • suitability of the college for your future beyond college lacrosse
  • a minimum of two hours a day dedicated to the team
  • ability to manage a job for financial stability and being on the team
  • balancing team requirements and academics
  • being away half of the weekends each spring and one or two every fall
  • comprehending the sacrifices that you will be making to play college lacrosse
  • thinking about whether you would stay at the college, if you could no longer play lacrosse

Consider these and other points to help you make up your mind about dedicating your most of your college life to lacrosse.

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