Refocus Your Child’s Worries About Letting Down Teammates

Most people exhibit a reasonable amount of concern around not letting those who are counting on them down.  Hopefully, most adults are able to process that they can only control a limited amount of variables.  Children are not so amply equipped, so how do you help your child who worries about living up to their teammates’ and others’ expectations?  As a parent, consider it one of your responsibilities to notice when your child feels overburdened by the responsibility to over-perform to please others.

Most importantly, refocus your child’s attention from what other people are thinking about them to how they can only control the quality of their game.  Call to their attention that If their mind is encumbered with worry, they will not be performing at their best level during the game.  Advise your child that clouding up their thought process with worry, impacts their performance negatively. Instead, encourage them to think about how well they will play, if all they are concentrating on is game strategy.

If these suggestions don’t seem to be helping your child, you may need to delve deeper into how much your child needs social approval.  Help them with how they view themselves and how they view themselves within a group.  If there is little improvement, there is always time to consult a trained professional, to help you and your child traverse this self-image journey.

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