Running Backwards, why?

Soccer America’s, Dr. Dev Mishra, shares why you could add running backwards to your soccer training routine.  In addition, to giving you a leg up, if you want to be a college campus tour guide, running backwards does have some benefits:

  1. It can help rehab lower extremities and spinal injuries.
  2. Improve muscular balance and efficient body fat reduction.
  3. Improves coordination especially for defensive positioning.
  4. Adds variety to your training.

As a precautionary measure, always check with your coach and doctor,especially, if you are recovering from an injury.  Be careful and work at it slowly, running while not able to see takes practice and time.  Plan on starting in short intervals at a track, open field or a treadmill.

For in-depth details: A simple training technique with many benefits: running backwards

Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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