After-School Tennis Lessons?

Summer is probably at a half-way point and it might be time to look in to plans for the Fall.   Are you considering after-school tennis lesson for your child?  My Tennis Lessons shares 5 good reason as to why enrolling your child in an after-school tennis program makes sense:

  1. Tennis teaches your child accountability, as when they are playing they can only rely on themselves unless they are playing doubles.
  2. Builds self-esteem as “tennis is based so much on skill, muscle memory, and repetition that just about anyone can become a good tennis player”.
  3. Take advantage of participating in a non-contact sport.
  4. After-school lesson times can be more flexible as you are more in control of the schedule instead of being at the mercy of pre-set team practice schedules.
  5. Tennis lesson cans also be customized to fit the personality and skill level of each child.

Tennis is fun and you don’t ever age out of the sport.


For full article:  5 Reasons Why After- school Tennis Lessons Make Sense for Your Child

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Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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