Shooting Drills to Work On

It almost always goes back to practice, practice, practice the fundamentals, staying the course and staying determined to improve. Consistent shooting practice develops better shooting habits.  Pro Skills Basketball has 5 shooting drills for you to work on and here are 2 of them for you to tryout:

1.  Dribble Form Shooting Drill – The purpose of the drill is to help players maintain their balance when making a basket after dribbling. This drill trains players to shoot off the dribble with the correct footwork while ensuring balance.

Create 3 lines with to an equal number of players with each player holding their own basketball.  Position each line to be a couple of steps outside of the 3-point line.”The drill starts with a triple threat stance. The players will bounce the ball at the same time and then step with their dominant foot. Each player will then gather the basketball by planting the non-dominant shooting foot which their pivot foot. Each player will shoot the basketball as they step through with their dominant shooting foot.”

2.  Chase Down Lay-up Drill – The purpose of this drill is to help players practice their layup skills at full speed while under pressure from a defender.

“The drill starts when the coach brings the offensive player out a few steps from one side of the court opposite the basket where he will make the layup. This is to give him a fast break advantage.The coach will signal the offensive and defensive players to sprint from the floor. The goal of the offensive player is to make a layup while the defensive player challenges the layup without fouling. After the make or miss, both the offensive and defensive players will join the end of the lines at the end of the floor.”

The right drills will eventually strengthen good shooting techniques.  Confidence in your shooting will enhance your overall work on the court.

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