Softball Players, Are you Keeping Up with Your Dynamic Stretching?

CoachUp Nation recommends a combination of dynamic and static stretching for softball players.  “Dynamic stretching keeps your body moving and your muscles warm, which helps prevent soreness and injury. Static stretching is more conventional; it involves keeping your body still.”  When you bend over to touch your toe, that’s an example of static stretching. Static stretching is good to do before bed or after a workout to work on your flexibility.  CoachUp Nation feels that, ” Dynamic stretches mimic the same motions you’ll make during the game, preparing your body to work those muscles.”

Here are some recommended dynamic stretching exercises specific to softball workout and training sessions:

  • lunge twist
  • arm circles
  • high skips
  • high knees
  • knees to chest

Try adding them into your workout and see if it makes a difference,  As always, hydrate before and after workouts.

For more details:  Dynamic Stretches for Softball Players

Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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