Some Thoughts on Serving

Improveyourvolley.com has some tips on when and how to serve.  One thought is that even though your hand is what makes contact with the ball these are factors you should also be aware of to have a solid over hand serve:

  1. correct feet positioning
  2. synchronicity of your core and lower body movements
  3. consistency of your volleyball serve toss
  4. point where your hand contacts the ball when serving

Here are some things that you should also consider when serving:

  1. decide first exactly where you want your serve to go
  2. when practicing your serve understand that your ball may not always go where you want it to but always serve the ball with a purpose, as in will you serve the ball cross court or will you serve down the line
  3. always have a place or a person to aim for when you serve the ball in the opposing team’s court
  4. figure out the location in your opponent’s court where your serve creates the most difficulty for the opposing team to run their offense

Work on keeping in mind and practice,”Decide what you’re going to do with your serve before you serve.”


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