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Sports, Health and You

With the new year coming up and possible intentions for including a healthier life-style, you may be considering adding a sport to your child’s schedule of activities.  There are so many reasons to get your child engaged in sports and RealBuzz.com shares some health and fitness benefits that playing a sport provides:

  • help to reduce body fat or controls your body weight
  • satisfaction coming from developing fitness and skills
  • some help to fight depression and anxiety.
  • challenge and a chance to set goals
  • help to strengthen bones
  • help that can aid coordination, balance and flexibility
  • help that can improve stamina and concentration
  • opening you to experience the highs and lows of both winning and losing
  • opportunities to meet people with a similar interests and make new friends.
  • a great way for families to get exercise together
  • sportiness that encourages a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever sport you choose with your child, enjoy the good times ahead!


For full article:  The Health and Fitness Benefits of Sport

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