Some Sports to Introduce to Your Child

Physical activity is a great way for children to channel their exuberant energy.  Child experts encourage sports playing for many reasons including personal discipline, team and leadership skill-building, fun and social engagement, physical activity, mental stimulation, and character development.  Care.com shares the top 20 sport choices and the benefits of each and here are some of them:

  1.  Soccer – helps kids develop their endurance and learn foot coordination
  2. Baseball/Softball/T-Ball -helps with hand-eye coordination and teaches kids to focus and pay attention
  3. Swimming – enhances breath control and attention to details like proper form
  4. Golf – develops depth perception and strategy
  5. Tennis – emphasizes quick thinking maintaining proper technique and develops arm strength and accuracy

Encourage your child to try multiple sports and avoid early single-sport specialization.  Playing a sport or other physical activities encourage lifelong physical fitness.

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Image Credit:  Future Stars

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