How Does Your State Rank in Numeracy?

Math ∞ Blog shares their results on a numeracy test they gave to 1,580 average Americans all over the country with at least 30 people from each state.  They felt it important to mention that they did not include their readers whom they broadly felt may have a higher numeracy score.

They used a 5 question test.  The 5 questions came from a UK numeracy test created by National Numeracy. They chose different difficulty levels:  an entry level question, a bronze level and silver level question, and two  advanced level questions.

Scoring methodology used:  “We took an average score of correct answers for each question then combined these scores to provide a final average and to determine a numeracy score for each state.”

See how your state compares with the rest of the nation.  And this summer, don’t forget to enroll your child at Futures Stars Academic Camp.

To see breakdown by state and map:  Which States Are The Best (& Worst) At Math

Image Credit:  Deposit Photos

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