Pressure cooker ready to explode on a red hot burner

Subtle Signs of the Over-pressured Athlete

Pressure to succeed and the desire to be the best is prevalent in these times.  Youth athletes are under a lot of constant pressure.  Parents, you are probably aware of the clinical signs of pressure such as:

  • loss of appetite
  • suffering grades
  • trouble sleeping
  • sluggish game-time performance.

CoachUp Nation shares some less conspicuous signs that your child athlete  could be  succumbing to the pressures induced by competitive athletics:

  • your child has no interest in talking about the sport
  • your child is not interested in practicing and improving
  • your child is extremely obsessed about improving
  • your child seeks other avenues to escape from the sport

Any, or a few of these signs could show that your child is feeling pressured.  If you notice some of these symptoms, you should talk to your child and coach, and work things out together.  These signs could be interpreted as an athlete feeling burnt out, losing interest in the sport, or just needing some time to rest.  Paying attention and communicating can resolve concerns before they become major issues.

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