Surfing on the Horizon?

Sam from Over the Dune has some good tips for those starting surfing:


  • start on a big stable board.
  • know your limits and RESPECT the sea
  • rent a surfboard and enage in conversations with the guys behind the counter, they usually have a lot of experience in the area and you can learn a lot from them
  • travel and try out different locations
  • physically search for breaks, don’t just stick to maps, look around for yourself
  • remember patience is a virtue


  • act like you know it all or else you will be missing out on learning from others’ experiences
  • get upset or be afraid when you bail, falling off is all part of the process
  • just jump into the water, watch and observe the waves, then pick your spot
  • brag about your traveling experiences

Surf is up somewhere.  Relish!


For details:  Beginners Do’s and Don’ts

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Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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