Sweating About Basketball Try Outs?

Basketball tryouts are coming up and anxieties levels are more than likely escalating.  Don’t sweat it, work on what you can control.  Prepare  for your try outs in a methodical way.  Fortify your skill levels with consistent practice.  Confidence in your abilities can help make a lasting impression on your coaches.  LiveStrong.com has some great tips from Michael Hutchins to help you be in your best form for try outs:

  1. Every other day till try outs, perform conditioning drills.
  2. Work out with a practice partner.
  3. Emphasize practicing on the skills for the position that you most want to play.  Perhaps, pick another position for back-up.
  4. Round-up some other players to play half court games.  It’s better when you play against those that may possess higher skill levels than yourself.

Remember to rest right before try outs, keep yourself hydrated, and have a nutritious meal at least two hours before.  Take deep breathes and do your best.

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