Young african american basketball player scoring a slam dunk.

Tips for Your Dream Dunk

It’s probably safe to say that almost every basketball player dreams of laying a slam dunk.  Some players make it look so smooth and easy, some of them are lucky to have a leg up due to their height.  But a lot more players have to train consistently and rigorously to realize their dream dunk. guest writer A.J Kenrick. shares some tips on how to achieve your first dunk.

“In order to improve your jumping ability you must train with particular jump specific exercise variables in mind.”  Here are 3 training variables to incorporate into your training routine:

  1. Incorporate the same movements used for the slam dunk such as split squat and deadlift that replicate the “triple extension” of the ankle, knee and hip.
  2. Strength training really bolsters your jump so work on barbell squats, deadlifts and single leg lunges.
  3. After attaining a strong and stable foundation, you need to work on improving the reactivity of your muscles and tendons.  Include plyometric exercises and consider including a few Olympic lifts.

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