Some Travel Softball Facts

Softball for Girls shares some advice and wisdom from softball veterans for the neophytes.  It’s an opportunity to hear what the “tried and true” players and parents have gathered through their softball years of experience:

  • be aware that a lot of younger players will outgrow the sport by the time they reach highschool, so be mindful of your expectations and your expenses
  • some game days are just not going work at all for the team, that’s just the reality of sports
  • sometimes when things don’t work on a team and you switch to another team, and the same things happen, you may want to take a look in the mirror
  • most coaches are working their hardest for a team’s success and sometimes the coach may not be the best, but that’s a good life lesson to learn
  • not every player is an elite player, play for the love of softball
  • keep the 24 hour rule in your forefront and work on waiting 24 hours before you address a situation

Just some things to think about.  Mostly, remember that softball is fun.


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