How to be a Better Golfer Through Observing Jordan Spieth

Every time a sports trophy is won,  an opportunity arises to learn from the best player or the team of the winning moment.  Take for example, Jordan Spieth and his Open victory on July 23, 2017 – Practical Golf shares 3 important lessons for every golfer to practice and possibly improve their game:

  1. Work on controlling your wayward thoughts.  Anxiety, fear and frustration are all real emotions but you need to find techniques to practice and manage these emotions, all of which impact your game negatively.
  2. Don’t allow your poor shots to define the round or the game.  Take each shot as just par for the course, expect that you will make mistakes, and when you do, work on not over reacting to them.  Build your resiliency, the next good shot is waiting to unfold at the next hole.
  3. Keep in mind that golf is a leisurely game.  Take the pressure off yourself and enjoy your time on the course.  If Jordan Spieth considers golf the third most important thing in his life, following faith and family – you can certainly relax.

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