Exposure to College

The Psychology Today article, Nudges in the Wild: Merely Exposing Children to College is apropos as many of Future Stars Summer Camps are on college campuses.  Ross E. O’Hara, PhD notes that, “One of the most robust findings in psychology is the mere exposure effect, which is our tendency to feel positively toward novel stimuli after even subliminal exposure. In other words, we like something better if it’s even remotely familiar to us.”

So here is an added plus to enroll your child at Future Stars Camps outside of all the great opportunities, we already provide.   Exposure to sports on a college campus from an early age could make a positive lasting impact.  So much so, that many public and charter school districts start as early as elementary school to expose the students to thinking about college – hoping that they will enroll in college when the time comes.  Take this opportunity to make your child’s summer experiences longer lasting and extra special than they already are.

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