Do You Know Enough About Athletic Supplement Use?

Dev K. Mishra, M.D. wrote for Soccer America that supplement use by high school athletes, especially males is quite common.  He mentions, “In my informal survey of the high school athletes I work with, I’d say that half of the male athletes are using protein and/or creatnine supplements.”  Dr. Mishra shares a very comprehensive briefing on supplements, and if your child is interested in supplements or is currently using them, this article will start you off with information to help you and your child make educated choices.

Dr. Mishra clearly states, “Whenever possible though, aim to get your “supplements” through real food. For example, excellent sources of supplemental protein would include lean meats and tofu. Creatnine is found in meats and poultry.”

The article shares detailed information in these areas:

  • Supplements are legal but look to food first
  • Certain supplements may include banned or dangerous substances
  • Buy supplements from a highly reputable manufacturer
  • Avoid anything that acts like a hormone, or gives outrageous performance claims

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