3 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Athlete

Most parents would love to be able to hold onto the memory of their child’s greatest sports moment or at least have captured a great photo of it.  But for some of us, what seems like a simple task has been gargantuan.  Vincent Pugliese,  Sports Photo School wrote a post for JBMThinks with 3 great photo tips that all of us can at manage:

  1. Get off the Bleachers – The closer you are to your intended subject, the sharper and clearer the image will be.
  2. Come in Low – Coming in lower brings a closer and more personal feel to the imagery.  The background fades into the rear and your child comes into the forefront.
  3. Shoot through the Fence – If you can’t get past the obstacle, use the obstacle to give your shot a unique feel or different perspective.

Try these 3 tips, the next time you want to hold onto a special moment.

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