Should Baseball Practices Include Competitive Games?

Should baseball practices include competitive games?  Hear what Rob Tong of Youth Baseball Edge has to say despite these accolades for inclusion of competitive games during practice:

  • makes practices more fun
  • makes practices more engaging
  • simulates game conditions

Rob Tong, shares that it’s not about, should you use competitive games but rather when and how to use them.  Rob says that sometimes what happens is, “Instead of teaching their kids proper footwork during catch play and supervising their technique to ensure they’re doing it right, for example, coaches will announce a competition of which pairs can catch the most balls during catch play without dropping the ball.”

Practice should include attention to detail and fine-tuning skills, and then when skills are developed include a competitive game, while asking the question, “Will this competitive game reinforce or replace skills I’m trying to teach the kids?”  At the end of the day, Coach Tong shares, It’s a myth that ‘kids having fun’ is the number one goal of a coach. The number one goal of a coach is ‘kids having fun while learning’ because if the kids are only having fun but aren’t learning and progressing in their skills, the coach is merely a glorified babysitter.”


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Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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