Is Your Golf Swing Tense?

Robert Green, golf enthusiast and tutor of Hitting the Green, shares some tips on how to get rid of the tension in your swing.  Robert shares, “No matter the skill level of the golfer, the duffed shots I see are almost always down to some form of tension in the swing. In the vast majority of cases this tension in the swing originates from the grip, with people of the mindset that if they put their full force into the swing they’ll inevitably get more distance. The swing just doesn’t work that way!”  So how can you achieve a solid swing that gives you distance and is tension free:

  1. Relax – a stressed mind creates body tension
  2. Leave your ego in the car – remind yourself that hitting the ball hard and fast is not the goal; it’s about the feel of the swing
  3. Your core strength counts – Greg Norman once said: “Many golfers tend to think building the upper body is the way to go, but it’s not! You should do the opposite. Build up the base and your core, and let the upper body be flexible and loose.”
  4. Keep practicing and practicing – there is just no way around it, the old adage always applies, practice makes perfect.

For more details and instructional videos:  How to Achieve a Tension Free Golf Swing

Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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