Highlights of 2017 US Women’s Lax FIL Rathbones World Cup Victory

As shared by US Lax Magazine:
“The skies opened up and a downpour was inevitable. The rain only got stronger as Team USA trudged forward through the mud to the pitch at Surrey Sports Park.”

“The storm hit on Saturday, but what we didn’t realize was that storm was inside of us, emotionally,” Carey continued. “We made history.”

The significance of that moment also struck U.S. assistant Amy Bokker. She described it as a “whirlwind,” the journey leading to Team USA’s climactic 10-5 victory over Canada to secure its third straight World Cup gold medal.

“The World Cup ended in that rainstorm,” Bokker said. “While all that was going on, I never felt tired. I felt energized by what was happening around our game and our sport.”

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